Two Thirds of Young Adult Britons Couldn’t Live Without Phone

Research by a leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK has revealed that two thirds of young Britons claim that they ‘couldn’t live without their phone’. However, just 12% have mobile phone insurance for the gadget that so many claim they couldn’t live without.

It appears there are many items that Britons would rather live without for a week than their mobile phones, according to new research by a mobile phone insurance website in the UK. The poll by the site revealed that the overwhelming majority of 18-30 years olds believe that they ‘couldn’t live without’ their mobile phone. carried out the poll as part of ongoing research into Britons’ relationships with their mobile handsets. 2,571 UK adults were polled, each aged between 18 and 30, and all respondents were mobile phone owners and in a relationship.

When asked to describe the view they had of their mobile phone, 65% stated that they ‘couldn’t live without it’. Almost a quarter, 22%, said that they were ‘very dependent’ on their handset, whilst 10% felt they could ‘take or leave’ their mobile phone. 1% said they just needed it occasionally and a further 2% said they could ‘easily live without it’.

Despite so many claiming that they couldn’t live without their mobile phone, or at least that they were very dependent on it, 88% of the total respondents taking part said that they didn’t have an insurance policy in place to protect their handset. 12% claimed they did have an insurance policy for their mobile phone. What’s more, of the 88% of the respondents that weren’t insured, the majority were people who said they couldn’t live without their phone.


The research also aimed to find out about what people would rather live without than their phone for a week-long period, to get an insight into how far Britons would go to keep their mobile phones nearby. 62% of those taking part said they would rather live without their partner for a week than their mobile phone.
The poll also revealed that 45% would rather live without ‘basic meals’ for a week than giving up their mobile phone, whilst 71% said that they would be willing to forgo their car for one week if it meant they could keep their handset in its place.

The full findings were as follows:

1. Sex – 94% (of people said they’d rather live without this than their mobile phone for a week)

2. TV/Film – 82%

3. Car – 71%

4. My partner – 62%

5. Bed – 55%

6. Money – 47%

7. Basic meals – 45%

8. House – 32%

9. Any other human contact – 23%

10. Own children – 9%

The research also revealed that 53% felt addicted to their mobile phone.

Jason Brockman, Director of, said the following about the findings:

“I think the key thing to take from this research is that almost 90% of people either said they couldn’t live without their mobile phone or that they were very dependent on it, yet just 12% of the total respondents had an insurance policy in place in case something went wrong.

“That seems very bizarre to me. Why not protect something if you couldn’t live without it? It was intriguing to see that some people would even be willing to go without any other human contact for 7 days instead of their phone and, as for the 9% that would go without seeing their own children for a week instead of their phone, perhaps they need to get their priorities straight!”

Results from the survey:

Survey breakdown – 2,178 mobile phone owners from the UK, aged 18-30

1. What’s your view of your mobile phone?

Couldn’t live without it – 65%

Very dependent on it – 23%

Could take or leave it – 10%

Need occasionally – 1%

Could easily live without it – 1%

2. Do you have an insurance policy for your mobile phone?

Yes – 12%

No – 88%

3. Please select from the following list what you’d rather live without than your mobile phone for a week:

11.  Basic meals – 45%

12.  My partner – 62%

13.  Bed – 55%

14.  House – 32%

15.  Car – 71%

16.  Own children – 9%

17.  Sex – 94%

18.  Money – 47%

19.  Any other human contact – 23%

20.  TV/Film – 82%

21.  Other (please state) – 11%

4. How often would you say you used your mobile phone?

Too much, I’m addicted – 53%

Quite a lot, not excessive – 27%

Just when I need to – 10%

Not often – 9%

Other – 1%

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