How to make a claim with


Making a claim is really easy with Mobile Insurance, and we aim to provide a replacement for a stolen or lost phone within 48 hours.

Call the Claims Hotline on 0203 794 9295 to make a claim.

In order to make a claim you must do the following:

  • You must report the theft or loss of the mobile phone to your Network Service Provider within 24 hours of discovery to blacklist your handset.
  •  The theft or loss should be reported to the police within 48 hours of its theft or loss.
  • Notify us as soon as possible on 0203 794 9295 but in any event, within 48 hours of your discovery of its theft or loss.



You will require to produce a proof of purchase in order to make a claim.

There is an excess fee for all claims which must be paid before your claim can be approved.

If your claim is for mobile phone/gadget which was valued at more than £400 when purchased as new, there is a £75 excess fee for each theft or damage claim and £100 for an accidental loss claim.

For all other items, there is an excess fee of £40 for theft / damage claims and £60 for loss claims and £75 for international claims.


iPhones (all models) would have a £75 excess for theft or damage, and £100 for accidental loss.

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Here’s a chart showing our claim process:


Claim flow