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HTC Insurance

htc-logoLow cost comprehensive insurance for the brilliant range of HTC smartphones.

The HTC One could be the most sought after smartphone available right now. Cover yours today against loss, theft or damage.

The battle for supremacy in the smartphone market drives the manufacturers to seek out ever more amazing features for their smartphones – and you’re the ones who gain!

HTC have brought us innovations that benefit us everyday. Their front facing speakers that deliver decent sound from a mobile already seem obvious – but they’re still new. Then there’s the strangely named “Zoe” camera feature that starts recording before you even press the button. Clever stuff and no doubt there’s more to come.

We want you to enjoy your smartphone, without being unduly worried about the cost of damage, or worse still, if it were to be stolen. That’s why we set up to provide you with low cost comprehensive insurance that will help you stay in touch should something happen to your lovely HTC device.

Whether you’re using a HTC One, HTC Desire or HTC Windows phone our cover is just what you want for mobile peace of mind. And even if you have an older HTC mobile or smartphone we offer the cover you need.

Most of us are so attached to our mobiles we take them everywhere, getting constant updates on the stuff we love, and what our friends are doing. If something happens to your HTC smartphone, turn to your cover from and we’ll get you back in touch, quickly and without a fuss.

Cracked screen: A cracked screen on your beautiful HTC doesn’t bear thinking about, yet you probably have friends who have put up with it for months because it’s expensive to replace. If you have our mobileinsurance we’ll get it repaired quickly, and we make claiming straightforward.

Liquid Damage: Beer, the bath, a toilet? It sounds so silly but most of us have had some sort of accident concerning our phones and liquids. Unfortunately they just don’t mix! If your HTC smartphone takes a dive you’ll be glad you had our mobileinsurance, we’ll get it repaired or replaced in no time.

Accidental damage: When you take your phone everywhere it’s not surprising that every now and then it’ll fall out of your pocket, or off the table. You might even leave it on your car roof! But if your HTC smartphone is damaged your mobile insurance will get it repaired quickly for you, and if that’s not possible we’ll replace it.

Theft: It’s an uncomfortable fact that mobiles are a major target for thieves, especially in the major cities. If you’re unfortunate and have yours stolen, we’ll get it replaced for you and help you get on with your life.

Breakdown: HTC smartphones are beautiful products with amazing features, but unfortunately they do breakdown now and then. When in warranty your phone is best repaired by the manufacturer. Once the warranty has expired, we’ll help you get back in action.

Don’t buy the first policy you see. Compare prices, then come to and get all these benefits:

A quick response: We know being without your phone doesn’t bare thinking about. That’s why we aim to resolve claims with 48 hours of approving them.

Simple. Straightforward. We’re here to help you get on with life, so we have great people who are here to take the stress away.

You’ll also get the following:

Global cover: If you’re away with work, or on your holidays, your mobile is covered for up to 90 days a year, so don’t even think about leaving it at home.

Unauthorised calling: Loosing your phone is awful, but then if a thief uses it to call around the world the costs can mount up too. Our cover protects you for up to a maximum of £2500 for any one claim, but you do need to remember to call your operator as soon as you realise that it’s missing.

Family Cover: You know what it’s like. You put your gorgeous phone down, and someone picks it up to play with it. But what if they are not as careful as you are? Your policy will extend the same level of cover to your immediate family (mother, father, son, daughter, spouse or domestic partner) as you enjoy, so if your fab phone suffers at the hands of your tot we’ll help get it back in action.

Optional loss cover: You’ll know if you’re the sort of person who can simply loose things. With our mobileinsurance we offer an optional loss cover to protect you – and it’s only £1 extra a month.

Protect your amazing top of the range HTC smartphone from just £4.39 a month.

And you can buy cover for a more basic HTC for even less. Just click on the quote button to see what you’ll pay.

To get the best deal buy 12 months cover and pay in one instalment, then we’ll give you an additional 3 months FREE!

You can also buy cover against accidental loss for just £1 extra a month.

Exclusions and excess charges: offers great cover at a very good price, but even we can’t protect against everything that might happen. We’re upfront with our exclusions:

Unattended Theft: Your phone is both precious and valuable. Don’t leave it lying around, in fact you should keep it within arm’s reach, as we can’t offer cover for phones left unattended in public places. Report the theft to your operator immediately, and to the Police within 48 hours


Breakdown within warranty: When it’s in warranty our phone is best repaired by the manufacturer. Once the warranty has expired we’ll help get you back in action.

Evidence of Ownership. Before considering a claim we must see the evidence of ownership.

These are our excess charges:

For smartphones valued at under £250: £25
For phones valued between £251 and £999: £50
For phones valued at over £1000: excess is £75

Why should you insure your HTC phone with

  • Your first month of cover is completely free!
  • You’ll save 25% or more off high street prices. Last checked Feb 2016
  • Quick claims turnaround and great service – we aim to resolve claims within 48hours.
  • 3 GB of storage for your photos or music – completely free.

Important documents:

For full policy terms check our Terms and Conditions of Insurance document.

For a summary of insurance terms check our Key Facts document.

Insure your HTC from £1.49 per month

Your HTC is covered against any of the following:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Calls
  • Breakdown
  • Worldwide cover for up to 90 days

Include loss for £1/month

What our customers say:

  • "I've lost two phones in as many years, so mobile phone insurance is a must for me" - Lorraine T, Great Yarmouth.
  • "My last iPhone went swimming with me, and cost £375 to repair, so should work out cheaper for me!" - James L, Middlesbrough.
  • "I'm really glad I had the cover, as I dropped my blackberry within a week of getting it!"- Gemma B, London.