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iPhone Insurance

iphone-5-black-and-white-(2)Protect your gorgeous iPhone against theft, a cracked screen, liquid damage and even breakdown. We all remember the excitement of getting our first iPhone. The smooth beautiful packaging just helps build the anticipation, and then the pristine gadget is joy itself.

But what if something happened to it? A replacement for the top iPhones is in excess of £699!

At we provide fast, reliable and cost effective insurance that protects your pride and joy against most eventualities.

Theft: It’s a sad fact that something as beautiful and useful as the iPhone is a target for thieves. It’s estimated that 300 or more get stolen every day in London alone. If you’re unlucky enough to have yours stolen from you or your vehicle our iPhone insurance will get you back in touch with the world, quickly, and painlessly.

Cracked screen: Even if yours isn’t cracked, you probably know someone with a cracked screen. It’s so easy to do, and yet so expensive to repair. If you’re covered by and you crack your screen, we’ll authorise and arrange its repair, usually within 48 hours.

Liquid damage: Oh! That sinking feeling. When your iPhone has slipped down the loo, or you see it spinning in the washing machine. Modern gadgets and water don’t mix, and even if your phone works a little after a dip, it is rarely the same again. Don’t panic. Our cover will get your phone repaired or replaced and you’ll be in action again in no time.

Accidental damage: How many times have you taken a photo and then thought “Phew, glad I didn’t drop that”? If you drop your phone, off the table, or off a bridge, or even drive away from the petrol station with it still on the car roof, you’ll still enjoy our high level of cover.

iPhone Breakdown: iPhones tend to be more stable these days, and if yours malfunctions in warranty Apple are great at sorting out the problem. However if you have an iPhone breakdown outside of its warranty it can be expensive getting it fixed. Your policy will cover the cost of repairs and get it back to you quickly.

Compare policies to make sure you’re getting the best value.

Our comprehensive cover is designed to beat the rest: was set up to offer great cover at a price you can afford. When you’re comparing mobile insurance check the price, but be sure to check the level of cover too.

Speed. If something happens to your iPhone speed is suddenly vital: We pride ourselves on our excellent service, and speed of turnaround. We aim to replace lost or stolen iPhones within 48 hours of approving a claim, and our success rate is 90% and still improving!

What else is included?

Even the most comprehensive policy can’t cover every eventuality. It’s important to read and understand these basic exclusions, and the excess charges that apply in the case of a claim.

Unattended theft: You’re responsible for your phone. If you leave it unattended and it goes missing it will not be covered. It should always be within arms reach.

headerBreakdown: If your iPhone breaks down while under warranty you should get it repaired by Apple, or an authorised supplier. Outside of warranty we’ll cover you in the event of a breakdown.

Excess charges:

Excess charges are usually £50 for most Apple products, however those worth over £999 excess is £75. You’ll find more detailed information about excess charges on our excess page.

Why should you insure your phone with

  • Your first month of cover is completely free!
  • Quick claims turnaround and great service – we aim to resolve claims within 48hours.
  • 3 GB of storage for your photos or music – completely free.

    Important documents:

    For full policy terms check our Terms and Conditions of Insurance document.

    For a summary of insurance terms check our Key Facts document.

    Insure your iPhone/iPad from £5.99 per month

    Insure your iPhone/iPad to cover against:

    • Accidental Damage - like dropping your iPhone
    • Liquid Damage - your iPhone doesn't like liquid
    • Theft - the iPhone is particularly vulnerable to thieves
    • Unauthorised Calls - should it get stolen, thieves love to use it, don't get caught with the bill
    • Breakdown - Once Apple stop looking after your phone, we take over when it breaksdown
    • Worldwide cover for up to 90 days

    Include loss for £1/month

    What do people say about

    • "I've lost two phones in as many years, so mobile phone insurance is a must for me" - Lorraine T, Great Yarmouth.
    • "My last iPhone went swimming with me, and cost £375 to repair, so should work out cheaper for me!" - James L, Middlesbrough.
    • "I'm really glad I had the cover, as I dropped my blackberry within a week of getting it!"- Gemma B, London.