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Life’s Good with an amazing smartphone in your pocket. Protect it against damage, theft or breakdown with our low cost insurance.

With their high definition cameras, amazing colours, up to quad core processors, long life batteries and LG Smartworld it’s no surprise that LG is one of the most sought after mobile brands. It also feels good sometimes to have something with the cachet of being a bit different, there are a whole lot fewer LGs out there than iPhones, or Samsungs.

There’s a huge range of LG devices from straightforward simple mobiles, to the most sophisticated smartphones that really are like small computers in your pocket.

When you own a sexy mobile like this you want to protect it. We know that accidents happen, and that’s when cover from is invaluable. Our low cost cover is comprehensive and we even offer accident loss protection to cover all risks.

Here’s what we’ll protect you against:

Theft: It’s a sad fact that our treasured phone is an attractive target for a thief. Mobile theft in the big cities is a particular problem. However if your LG is stolen, whether by a pickpocket, or from your car, then we’ll get it replaced quickly. You must inform your operator as soon as you notice its absence to enable them to lock down the phone.

Cracked screen: We can all picture the scenario, you have one of the most beautiful phones, you love it, but then you drop it, and the screen cracks. So many people live with the cracked screen for months – but you won’t have to. We’ll get it repaired quickly for you, usually within 48 hours of your claim being approved.

Liquid damage: As your phone slips into the bath, or maybe down the toilet, your heart sinks with dread. Or you’re leaning off the edge of a pier trying to get that holiday photo of the beautiful fish, but then there’s a horrible splash. Lots of mobiles somehow drown in beer! If your LG smartphone takes a dip into liquid and just isn’t the same afterwards your mobileinsurance will cover the cost of repairs, or even replacement if that’s necessary.

Accidental damage: We hear of so many accidents that befall people’s mobiles. Phones are left on car roofs, dropped off tables, or worse, and most accidents happen within the first few months of getting your new pride and joy. If your life line to the world suffers an accident and you have our mobileinsurance you need not worry. We’ll repair or replace it in no time, and you’ll soon be back in touch.

LG smartphone Breakdown: LG smartphones are quite reliable these days, but if yours should breakdown after the warranty has expired, we’ll get it repaired for you. And if that’s not possible we’ll replace it.

Compare mobile insurance policies and know what you’re getting. We built our policies to give you peace of mind, the cover you need, and good value for money. When you compare prices make sure you’re getting the best cover.

We offer you:

Speed. The thought of being without your LG smartphone isn’t a pleasant one. If yours is lost, damaged or stolen we’ll do our best to get yours repaired or replaced within 48 hours of approving your claim. We deliver against that target on over 90% of claims already, and we’re still improving.

What else is included? We’ll also cover your LG smartphone or mobile against:

Unauthorised call cover: Having your phone stolen is awful. Then finding out that the thief racked up a huge bill is even worse. With you’re covered for up to £2500 of unauthorised calls in any one claim. You must report a stolen phone to your operator straight away, and the police within 48 hours

Immediate Family use included: The more exciting your phone is the bigger the queue at home to play it! If your immediate family (mum, dad, son, daughter, spouse or domestic partner) isn’t as careful with it you are and it gets dropped or damaged we’ll cover the cost of repairs, extending the same cover as you enjoy.

Worldwide Cover: If you’re going away you’ll want to take your phone, after all for most of us it’s our camera, internet access and social media hub too. With your you’ll have cover for up to 90 days abroad every year, whether it’s for work, or pleasure.

A free month, and free storage too! When you insure with we’ll give you your first month completely free, as well as that we’ll give you 3gb of storage for your music, photos and other files.

Optional cover for loss: When you’re insuring your LG mobile, consider extending the cover for just £1 month each month to include accidental loss. You should always keep your phone within sight, but if you just can’t remember where you left it then you’re covered.

What does LG smartphone insurance cost?

Our insurance is a comprehensive package, yet costs from just £4.39 a month if you buy 12 months up front. Add accidental loss cover for £1 a month extra.

What’s excluded? No insurance can cover everything. But here at we’re up front about our exclusions and excess charges:

Unattended theft: You have to be responsible with your phone, if you leave it unattended when away from your home or where precautions have not been taken. If the handset is left unattended in a public place but acceptable precautions were taken, then we would cover this.

Breakdown: Should your smartphone break down while under warranty it is best that you get LG to repair it, or an authorised supplier. Once expired, we’ll get you back up and running with your phone.

Why should you insure your LG phone with

  • Your first month of cover is completely free!
  • Quick claims turnaround and great service – we aim to resolve claims within 48hours.
  • 3 GB of storage for your photos or music – completely free.

Important documents:

For full policy terms check our Terms and Conditions of Insurance document.

For a summary of insurance terms check our Key Facts document.

Insure your LG mobile phone from £1.49 per month

Our LG phone insurance covers:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Calls
  • Breakdown
  • Worldwide cover for up to 90 days

Include loss for £1/month

Here’s what some of our customers say:

  • "I've lost two phones in as many years, so mobile phone insurance is a must for me" - Lorraine T, Great Yarmouth.
  • "My last iPhone went swimming with me, and cost £375 to repair, so should work out cheaper for me!" - James L, Middlesbrough.
  • "I'm really glad I had the cover, as I dropped my blackberry within a week of getting it!"- Gemma B, London.