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MobileInsurance.co.uk are one of the UK’s leading online-only Mobile Phone Insurance providers.

You’ll find our contact details just over there on the right. We’re available for comments, opinions or background information on any aspect of Mobile Phone Insurance, repair costs, quality of handsets, selling practices and more.

What makes MobileInsurance.co.uk different?

  • We’re not affilated with any Mobile Phone retailer or network, so we can undercut them on price and beat them on service.
  • We’re an online-only Insurer, who employ no sales staff. We deplore the heavy-handed tactics that some of our rivals use to pressure people into policies that cost too much, and aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.
  • Our policies are underwritten by Lloyds Insurance Limited of London
  • We can cover almost any handset in the UK, from a Nokia 3210, to the latest iPhone

Who’s behind the site?

John Lamerton – Director

A former Civil Servant, John taught himself web design, and founded Big Idea Media Ltd in 2000, creating award winning websites in the Freebies, Sports Betting and Mobile Phone sectors.

Following the acquisition of MobileInsurance.co.uk in 2012, John brings a wealth of experience in Internet Marketing to the site. John’s phone is an iPhone 4.



Jason Brockman – Director

Jason also comes from an unconventional “marketing” background, having initially trained as a nurse before running several bars and mobile phone retailers.

He has also worked on Customer Service for Orange immediately prior to joining Big Idea Media so knows the mobile sector very well. Jason’s phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3.




Contact Info

For all press enquiries, please contact our tech and consumer PR Agency 10Yetis.
  • Telephone:
    01452 348211 (during office hours)
  • Out of hours:
    07743 057458
  • Web:
  • email:
    [email protected]

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