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Sony Mobile Smartphone Insurance.

sony-ericsson-logoThe latest Xperia is an amazing piece of kit, and even the older Sony Ericsson mobiles are fine phones. Make sure yours is protected for peace of mind, and to keep you in touch.

When a great camera maker puts its expertise into a mobile you know it’s going to be good. The latest Xperias are not only brilliant Android phones, they’re excellent cameras too, performing particularly well in difficult light conditions.

Sony’s touch to share technology makes life so easy, especially linking to other Sony devices like the Bravia TVs and Bluetooth speakers.

Then there’s the design, how it sits in your hand, and the lovely little alert lights that you custom to tell you what you need to know.

All in all it’s a great piece of kit, and then the new Z Ultra takes the boundaries even further. Once you have got your hands on yours, make sure you protect it.

At we offer simple low cost comprehensive insurance that’s there to help you out should the worse happen and your Sony smartphone or mobile gets lost, stolen or broken. We even include cover for breakdown outside of warranty.

Theft: No one wants to keep their phone hidden, especially when it looks as good as an Xperia. The trouble is thieves love them too. Unfortunately mobile phone theft is awfully common. Pickpockets love them, especially to steal on public transport, and from younger people.

If your Sony smartphone or mobile is stolen your cover will get you a replacement. Fast.

Cracked screen: Fragile screens have been a major weakness of mobiles, and manufacturers are responding with tougher materials – the trouble is they still crack and then cost more to repair. You insurance will get yours repaired in no time so you won’t have to go around with an ugly cracked screen.

Liquid Damage: The newest Xperia, called the Ultra Z, claims to be waterproof, the first full HD phone to make the claim. But even then there are all sorts of conditions attached. Water damage to phones happens all too often, but we’ll repair or replace yours should a quick swim leave it feeling worse for wear.

Accidental Damage: Phones are in and out of our pockets all the time. And no matter how much we love it, we all drop them sometimes. You feel your heart sink as your favourite device hits the concrete. If this happens to yours your cover will repair, or replace it, usually within 48 hours.

Compare Policies. Make sure you’re getting great value on your Sony Mobile insurance.

We like to think that we’re hard to beat. Our policies are straightforward, they’re comprehensive, they offer good value, and all with a great service.

Speed: Your phone is so important to your life. We understand that, and we’ll get yours repaired or replaced quickly to minimise the disruption to your work and social life. Most claims are settled within 48 hours of approval.

What else is included?

We put a lot of thought into developing to make it ideal for modern life. It also includes these useful benefits:

Unauthorised call cover: If someone makes off with your Sony Mobile it feels like a disaster, and it’s even worse if they then start calling the world. We’ll cover up to £2500 of unauthorised calls in a single claim, if yours is stolen, but make sure you tell your operator as soon as you realise it’s gone.

Immediate Family cover included: You’re probably not the only person who uses your phone at times, even if others only see it as a toy. If someone in your immediate family (mother, father, son, daughter, spouse or domestic partner) is using your Sony Mobile and has an accident with it don’t worry – we extend your cover to immediate family as well.

Worldwide Cover: If you’re off abroad for holidays or work you’ll need your phone by your side. We understand that and we cover your Sony Mobile for up to 90 days foreign travel a year.

Your first month free, and free storage too! When you insure your Sony Mobile with we’ll give you the first month completely free.

Not only that, we’ll also give you 3gb of free storage for your music, photos or whatever else you choose.

Optional loss cover: How often have you panicked thinking you’ve lost your phone? For just an extra £1 a month you can add valuable peace of mind and include our optional loss cover. Then if you really can’t track it down we’ll replace it for you, usually within 48 hours of approving your claim.

Is anything excluded?

Even the most comprehensive cover can’t protect you against every eventuality.

You must read and understand our simple exclusions, and you should understand the excess charges that apply in the case of a claim.

Unattended theft:

Your phone is always your responsibility, and you should keep within arms reach all of the time, especially in public places. If you leave it unattended in public, like on a counter, or a park bench, and it disappears then you won’t be covered.


If your Sony Mobile breaks down while it is under warranty you should get it repaired by your operator, or Sony Mobile. Outside of warranty we’ll cover your Sony should it suffer a breakdown.

Excess charges: Our excess charges are:

For phones valued at up to £250 – £25
Between £251-999 – £50
Phones valued over £1000 the excess is £75

You’ll find all the detailed information about the excess charges on our excess page.

You should insure your Sony Mobile smartphone or mobile with!

Here’s why:

  • Your first month of cover is completely free!
  • Quick claims turnaround and great service – we aim to resolve claims within 48hours.
  • 3 GB of storage for your photos or music – completely free.


Important documents:

For full policy terms check our Terms and Conditions of Insurance document.

For a summary of insurance terms check our Key Facts document.

Protect your Samsung phone from only £1.49 per month

We'll insure your Samsung phone for these incidents:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Calls
  • Breakdown
  • Worldwide cover for up to 90 days

Include loss for £1/month

What do people say about

  • "I've lost two phones in as many years, so mobile phone insurance is a must for me" - Lorraine T, Great Yarmouth.
  • "My last iPhone went swimming with me, and cost £375 to repair, so should work out cheaper for me!" - James L, Middlesbrough.
  • "I'm really glad I had the cover, as I dropped my blackberry within a week of getting it!"- Gemma B, London.

How do our prices compare?

  • - From £1.49 a month
  • o2 - From £6.00 a month
  • Orange - From £7.99 a month
  • Vodafone - From £2.99 a month
  • Carphone Warehouse - From £1.99 a month
  • 3 - Not available
  • T-mobile - From £2.99 a month

Prices correct as of January 2014